Troldhaugen E​.​P.

by Troldhaugen

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    Track listing:

    1. The Order of Trollveggen 05:13
    2. Gloomweaver 02:35
    3. Sjøtrollet Arise 03:38
    4. The Final Curtain 02:57
    5. There I Would Like to Rest Forever 03:57
    6. Boorish Revelry 02:56
    7. Chains of Fenris 04:47

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released October 30, 2010



all rights reserved


Troldhaugen Wollongong, Australia

Wacky dudes with crazy tunes!


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Track Name: The Order of Trollveggen
Banished by man, from civilised land
For he had done wrong and was forced to disband.
Without peace of mind and disdain for mankind
Into the hills of Trollveggen he climbed.

High in the mountains, his tired legs give way
He gasps his last breath as the night steals the day
In a broken down slump, he caught glimpse of a shadow
The creatures emerged and took him to their hollow

He awoke bound in chains, in a dark icy cave.
By the order of Troll-wall, he was now enslaved

The creatures did see that his tale was the same
For they had been exiled and shared in his pain
Raised as a warrior, to awake and defend,
Captive to the trolls, until his life's end.

Till the end, we will fight men

Tales of old battles and companions so true
Trollveggen has conquered, the order shines through
For men shuns his own, for gain and for greed
the hillfolk stay strong and the order they heed

The order they heed...

Till the end, we will fight men

Track Name: Gloomweaver
In times of old a tale was weaved, of evil then unknown
The lights of Valinor were theived, the High King overthrown.
Ungoliant and Melkor flee, their darkened pact is done
In lusting for the Silmaril, the final web is spun.

Betrayal in darkness, the battle doth rage
Melkor does summon the fire demons to fight for their mage
Track Name: Sjøtrollet Arise
In the deep blue pits of cold
Lays a sleeping giant of old
Banished to the sea by a cursed oath
Only to arise when his tales no longer told

As times changed, his tale dwindled from the mouths throughout all of Hordaland.
There was but one soul who scribed a book of lore which was now lost forever...

The waves raged their fists upon the shores
Thunder and lightning struck like hammer of Thor

Out of the depths, Sjøtrollet arise
Standing tall, blackening the skies
Bladelined jaw, bloodlust claws
Remember his lore
Sjøtrollet arise
Out of the depths, Sjøtrollet arise
Standing tall, blackening the skies
Bladelined jaw, bloodlust claws
Remember his lore
Sjøtrollet arise

The townsfolk went about their daily duties, completely unaware of the rising terror out to sea. All of a sudden a darkening storm brewed and a creature emerged from the screaming wind...

Enter the valley of Hardangerfjord
Ending the lives of the ones that forgot.
Through the towns and valleys I’ll wield my claws
You forgot my life so I’ll end yours

No hope is left within the ruined town
One boy, gazed upon what he had found
A book containing tales of old
To send the creature back into the deep blue cold

Track Name: The Final Curtain
Down the back-roads, through the dales,
The caravans do roll
Onwards creak the Gypsy carts
Into the lair of trolls!

Unsuspecting foolish men,
Know not where they tread
Thieve their gold and crush their souls
To death they will be led

Follow your carts to your doom
As the final curtain calls...

String them up and split their guts
Let their entrails drop
Feast upon the flesh within
Leave the rest to rot

Throw the children in the fire
Let them burn and squeal
Strip their bones unsoiled of marrow
Their fates the trolls do seal

Their fates the trolls do seal...
Track Name: There I Would Like to Rest Forever
On the shores of Lake Nordas, an old man gathers fish.
The lake’s wisdom and beauty, causes him to reminisce
He recalls a time, when a different man he’d been,
For the things he has witnessed, cannot be unseen.

His life will soon cease, but still his path bends
And he’s finding it hard to accept his life's end.
In his state, the lake calls, but to answer, he can’t,
so he sets off and sails on the numinous tarn.

The asunder words he hears, and rise from the deep
The sound bears such beauty; he tries hard not to weep.

“Your time is near, to rest your soul,
you shall not fear, I beg you- heed my call”.

As the Sun’s rays mark the end of the day
Our friend sees the lake has shown him the way.
He stares with great awe, at the frail dancing light,
As it comes halt on a far mountain side

“Your time is near, to rest your soul,
you shall not fear, I beg you- heed my call”.

The site that he sees brings peace to his heart
To return to the shore, he prepares to depart
The strain of life’s strings became painless to sever
as he says to himself; “There I would like to rest forever…”
Track Name: Boorish Revelry
We shall gather in the woods this eve,
A just praise for the ones we’ve grieved.
The raging fires, a feast for kings,
The drums will roar, our song we sing:

We raise our swords to the blackened skies
As the flames and the spirits rise
By light of fire, we shall revel
To carry on the ones who've fell

To honour our brothers in courage and valour
This eve we drink to the ones who’ve fell
To honour our brothers in courage and valour
This eve we drink to the ones who’ve fell

This eve, our swords raised high
Will pierce the blackened skies
The fallen souls shall remain
Revel in our fallen one’s Bane.

Track Name: Chains of Fenris
Bound by chains and malice
A thousand years or more
The Fenris Wolf does break its yoke
The seas begin to roar

Odin's men the mighty few
Prepare to meet their fate
The Norsemen cry a thundercrack
Their Ragnarök awaits

Raise your fists and banners high
The final day has dawned
Moon shines through a bloodlit night
Awake the future morn

Fenris swallows the Sun

The Fenris Wolf devours whole
The one-eyed God's last breath
Revenge is had by young Vidorr
He cleaves a brutal death

A new day dawns, a human hope
As Yggdrasil burns
On the fields of Ásegard
A lesson has been learned